・Blackberry Blossom/The Red Haired Lass/Paddy O'Brien's/The Dawn
・Canon/Pachelbel's Frolics
・Christmas Eve/Maid Behind the Bar/The Merry BlackSmith
・Crock of Gold/Farmoy Lassese/Moving Cloud
・Glasgow reel/Lafferty's/Martin Winnie
・Maudabawn Chapel/frank's
・Otter's Holt/Castle Kerry/Farewell to Erin
・The Butterfly/Drowsy Maggie/Cooley's/The Gravel Walk
・The Concertina Reel/The Sally Gardens/The Shannon Breezes
・1st August/Windbroke
・The Silver Spear/The Earl's Chair/The Musical Priest/Pachelbel's Frolics
・The Noon Lossies/The Mountain Lark/Touching Cloth
・The Wedding(
MacLeod’s Farewell)/Good Morning to Your Nightcap/The malbay Shuffle
・Timmy Clifford’s/The Return Home/O’ot Be EstDa Vong/John Joe Casey’s
・Silver Spear/The Butlers Of Glen Avenue/Lad O'Beirne's Reel
・Virginia/Castle Kerry/Humouras of Tulla
・Glasgow reel/Lafferty's/Tarbolton
・Castle Kerry/Farewell to Erin/Tulla reel
・Dinky's/Shetland Fiddler

*Down by the Salley Garden/Connaghtman's rambles/Humours of Tulla(葉加瀬さんset) 

・Calum's Road
・Eavesdropper/Made of Selma/The Morrison's
・Eavesdropper/Paddy’s Return/A Merry Christmas
・Miss McLed's/The Banshee/Crowley's
・The Boholla#2 jig/Trip to Killavil/O’Connell’s welcome to Dublin/Swallow Tail Jig
・Tha Carraroe/Out On The Ocean/Whelan's
・The Champaign Jig Goes to Columbia/pat&Al's Jig
・The Kesh/Blarney Pilgrim
・The Kerfunken/Eddie Kelly’s/Give Us a Drink of Water
・The Lark's March/The Old Favourite/The Cliffs of Moher
・The Lilting Banshee/
The Connaughtman’s Rambles/The Kesh jig
・The Orphan/Cliffs of Moher/The Butlers of Glen Avenue/Dan Collin's Favorite
・Traditional Jig/The Buelers of Glen Avenue/Walking the Floor/Dan Collins Favorite
・Paddy's Return(
Kitty Lie Over)/Willie Coleman's/Up In The Air
・Sally Garden/The Connachtman's Rambles/Gan Ainm
・Stan Chapman's/The Miller's Maggot/Campbelltown Loch
・Mouse in the Kitchen/Scatter the Mud/Calliope House
・Praties Are Doug and The Frost is All Over/Shins Around the Fireside/The First Pint
・Road to Lisdoonvarna/Irish Washer Woman
・The Miller’s Maggot/Campbelltown Loch

Rolling Wave/The Banks of Logh Gowna/Anlon McKinney

・Ballyfin Polka no.1/ Ballyfin Polka no.2/ Ballyfin Polka no.3
・Ballydesmond Polka1/Ballydesmond Polka2/Ballydesmond Polka3
・The Britches Full of Stitches/The Hayden Fancy/Bill Sullivan's
・A Kerry polka(Egan's)/John Ryan’s
・I looked East and I Looked West/Johnny Mickey's/Mrs. Crowley's/New Market
・Johny Mickey's/Ballydesmond Polka2/The New Market
・The Croppie's MarchJohn/Kerry Polka/Ryan's Polka
・Tom Sullivan's/Mrs.Crowley's/Kerry Polka/John Ryan's Polka
・Pat Enright's/Craic/Jack
・New Market Polka No.3/Finnish Polka/Pat Enright's/The Upperchurch

Prelude/Nel Fee/Licking Nettles

・Teehan's/The Goat's/Jessica's Polka

Finnish Polka/Siege of Ennis/Tulla Polka

Maggie in the Wood/Ballyhoura Mountain/Last Chance

・Blue Bonnets Over the Border(♀だけ)
・By Gone Days
・Eternal Friendship(♀だけ)
・If Ever You Were Mine
・Longing for Home
・Marie’s Waltz(=Up Down And Around)
・Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
・Eleanor Plunket(♀だけ)
・Si Bheag, Si Mhor(♀だけ)
・Give Me Your Hand
・Planxty Irwin(♀だけ)

・Fanny Power(♀だけ)

・Boy's Lament for His Dragon
・In Memory of Harbie MacLead
・Josephine's Waltz
・Ookpik Waltz
・Tennessee Waltz/Tennessee Mazruka
・Sharon Eubanks
・The Solder's Song(key D)
・Kerry Fling(
The Road To Glountane)

・April Waltz

・Brosna Slide/O’Keefe’s Slide/Denis Murphy’s Slide

Rights of Man/Pride of Petravore

Boys of Blue Hill / Cronin's Hornpipe / Windsfairground

Cape Breton
・Carronside/Thursday Night in the Caley/The Promotion/Willie Macrae's jig
・King Arthur's/Lexie McAskill/Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie's/Toll Tax
・My Home/Captain Campbell/Castle Newe/Angus Campbell/The Magnet/Tall Tax/The Plagiarist/Mortage Buren/Lad O'Beirne's/Road to Errogie
・O'r the Moor/Janice Ann's Reel/Mortgage Burn/Lad O'Brien/High Drive/Tall Tax
・The Earl of Dalhousie’s Return/The Back of the Change House/Bob Steele’s/Mountain Road
・The Green Cottage/Jer O'Connell's/Tom's Tavern
・Snipes/Lime Hill/Johnny Muise’s Reel/Simon's Great Smile/The Mortgage Burn
・Welcome to the Trossachs/Castle Newe/The Village Music Teacher/Miss Lucy Campbell/Angus Campbell/The Magnet/Gladstone
(Last up Date 2014.11.04)

注2*TRADの曲の他によく出すsession setも掲載しています。

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