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Sessionでよく弾く組み合わせ毎にまとめたtune listを夫が新しく作りました。Cape Bretonの曲も混ざってますが、ご解読よろしくお願いしますそれにしても・・・あたしこんなに弾けたっけ?

Kerry Fling(
The Road To Glountane)
The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
The Virginia (D)/The Congress/
The Humours Of Tulla(D)
Toss the Feather (D)/The Gravel Walk (Am)
Christmas Eve (G)/Maid Behind the Bar (G)/The Merry BlackSmith (D)
Christmas Eve (G)/Crowley's (D)/High Road to Linton (A)
Wedding Reel(
MacLeod’s Farewell)/Castle Kelly/Siobhan O'Donnell's(A)
Miss McLed's (G)/The Banshee (G)/The Concertina Reel (D)
Otter's Holt(Bm)/Lafferty’s(Em)/Tarbolton(Em)
Dr. Gilbert’s(Em)/Lafferty’s(Em)/Tarbolton(Em)
Tarbolton(Em)/Longford Collector/Sailor's Bonnet
Drowsy Maggie (Em)/Cooley's (Bm)/The Gravel Walk (Am)
The Silver Spear (D)/The Earl's Chair (G)/The Musical Priest (Bm)/Pachelbel's Frolics (D)
Castle Kelly (Am)/Farewell to Erin (Ador)
The Crock Of Gold(G)/The Fermoy Lasses (Em)/Moving Cloud(G)
Dinky's Reel (Amix)/The Shetland Fiddler (D)
The Mountain Road (D)/ Drowsy Maggie (Em)/ 
The Humours Of Tulla (D)

Down by the Salley Garden/Connaghtman's rambles/Humours of Tulla(葉加瀬さんset) 

Maudabawn Chapel (G)/Frank's (A)/MacArthur Road (E)                    ↓ここら辺からCape Breton色強め
Molly Rankin's (D)/St. Ann's (A)/Jenny Dang The Weaver (D)
Far from Home (G)/Simon's Great Smile (D)/The Mortgage Burn (A)
Johnny Muise’s Reel/High Drive/Castle Kelly/Repeal The Poll Tax (A)
Johnny Muise’s Reel (A)/Simon's Great Smile (D)
Angus Campbell/The Magnet/GladstoneThe Red Haired Lasses (G)/Paddy O'Brien's/The Dawn
The Red Haired Lasses (G)/The Congress/Slap Stick's
Dowd's Favourite
The Plagiarist
The Mortgage Burn (A)
The Road To Errogie
Lad O'Beirne's Reel
Wing Commander Donald Mckenzie (A)
Repeal The Poll Tax (A)
Martin Wynne’s(D)
The Cup Of Tea (Edor)
Backs of Oranmore (D)
The Foxhunter (G)
The Sally Gardens (G)
The Shannon Breezes (D)
The Ships are Sailing
Over The Moor To Maggie
Boys of Marin (A)
The Glasgow (Dm)
The Old Bush(Dmix)
Glass of Beer (Bm)
The Star Of Munster (Ador)

Welcome to the Trossachs
Miss Hutton

Castle Newe
The Village Music Teacher
Miss Lucy Campbell
Marquis of Huntley's
Maxham Castle

Mouse In The Kitchen(A)/ Scatter The Mud(Em)/Caliope House
The Orphan/Cliff of Moher/The Butlers of Glen Avenue (G)/Dan Collins Favorite (D)
The Lilting Banshee (Am)/The Connaught Man's Ramble's/The Kesh jig (G)
Paddy's Return (D)/Willie Coleman's (G)/Up In The Air (Bm)
Stan Chapman's (A)/The Miller's Maggot (G)/Campbelltown Loch (A)
Eavesdropper (G)/Made of Selma (G)/The Morrison's (Em)
Out On The Ocean (G)/Whelan's (Em)/The Kesh
Jr.Crehan's/Bunch of Rose/Mouse in the Kitchen
Rolling Wave/The Banks of Logh Gowna/Anlon McKinney
The Lark's March ()
The Old Favourite ()
A Merry Christmas (G)
Tha Carraroe (D)
The Cliffs of Moher (Am)
The Boholla#2 jig (D)
Trip to Killavil (Em)
O’Connell’s welcome to Dublin (Em)
Swallow Tail Jig (Em)
Jim Ward's (G)
Timmy Clifford's (G)

Brosna Slide/O'Keefe's/The Dingle Regatta (D)
Anlon McKinney

・Slip Jig
Road to Lisdoonvarna

Ballyfin Polka no.1 (G)/Ballyfin Polka no.2 ()/Ballyfin Polka no.3 (G)
Ballydesmond Polka1/Ballydesmond Polka2/Ballydesmond Polka3

The Britches Full of Stitches/The Hayden Fancy/Bill Sullivan's (A)
Johny Mickey's/Ballydesmond/The New Market
The Croppies’ March/Kerry Polka (D)/John Ryan's (D)
I looked East and I Looked West/Johny Mickey's/Jessica's
Finnish Polka/Sige of Ennis/Tulla Polka
Pat Enrights/craic with Jack/Finnish Polka
Tom Sullivan's/Mrs. Crowley's/The Newmarket
Prelude/Nel Fee/Licking Nettles
New Market Polka 3/Finnish Polka/Pat Enright's/The Upperchurch
Teehan's/The Goat's/Jessica's

The Blackberry Blossom
Rights of Man
Pride of Petravore
Boys of Bluehill
Kitty's Wedding
Harvest Home

Sally Garden
Marie’s Waltz
Sharon Eubank's
April Waltz
Neil Gow's Lament for His Second Wife
In Memory of Harbie MacLead
If Ever You Were Mine
Blue Bonnets Over the Border
Road Together
Flat Water Flan

Sí Beag Sí Mór

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